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OEM Decorative Mesh Cabinet Inserts Grille SS304 SS316
  • OEM Decorative Mesh Cabinet Inserts Grille SS304 SS316
  • OEM Decorative Mesh Cabinet Inserts Grille SS304 SS316
  • OEM Decorative Mesh Cabinet Inserts Grille SS304 SS316
  • OEM Decorative Mesh Cabinet Inserts Grille SS304 SS316

OEM Decorative Mesh Cabinet Inserts Grille SS304 SS316

Place of Origin CHINA
Brand Name JUMAO
Certification CE / ISO
Model Number JUMAO-CMI3252
Product Details
Product Name:
Cabinet Mesh Inserts
Wire Mesh Grille Inserts
SS 304, SS 316, Brass,etc.
Flatten And Crimped

OEM decorative mesh cabinet inserts


SS304 decorative mesh cabinet inserts


SS304 cabinet grille inserts

Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
1 Square Meter
USD 25-95 Per Square Meter
Packaging Details
Wooden Box
Delivery Time
3-40 Working Days
Payment Terms
L/C, T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability
8000 Square Meters Per Momth
Product Description

OEM Decorative Mesh Cabinet Inserts Grille SS304 SS316



Design trend: Cabinet mesh inserts


When you're looking for a way to add a touch of uniqueness and luxury to your kitchen or pantry, wire mesh cabinets are the way to go. This trend is growing in popularity due to its stylish and sophisticated look, and it's easy to see why. Decorative mesh grates will not only bring a fresh, tasteful vibe to your kitchen, they will also open up the space and make it feel brighter and more breathable!

Cabinet fashion here inspires you to delve deeper into the trends of wire mesh cabinets. Our custom cabinet experts can help you turn your dreams into reality, so if you've always dreamed of a grid makeover, call Jumao Cabinets today!

Why the cabinet mesh inserts trend?

It's easy to see why this design trend is so popular. They let light through and make small rooms feel bigger. These decorative grilles can also be adapted to many design styles. We believe that true beauty is when everything works the way you want it to and at the same time looks exactly the way you want it to.

If you're renovating or designing your dream kitchen, you want it to be tailor-made. Add a really chic accent to your cabinets with wire mesh grates inserted. It's a timeless element that will be in demand for years to come and is sure to bring a smile to your face every time you cook or entertain.


Range of cabinet mesh inserts styles, 100 more available


Jumao metal products are available in a variety of styles and finishes. With New Zealand's product inventory and more than 100 products available, you can be assured that we have cabinet mesh inserts to suit your design.


Our series of cabinet mesh inserts range from large mesh sizes to fine mesh sizes and even opaque mesh.


This unique wire mesh solution can help create any design aesthetic you can imagine.

Freedom of design and application

cabinet mesh inserts are a gorgeous architectural mesh that has made a huge wave in the design world. The only limit is your imagination.


Architects and interior designers love cabinet mesh inserts for their unique ability to breathe new life into a design.


Some people choose to feature complex details, while others prefer large-scale applications.


Our range of cabinet mesh inserts has hundreds of application options, including room dividers, statement fireplaces, ceiling details, benchtop cladding and more.

Custom manufacturing and installation

Jumao provides end-to-end manufacturing services to ensure that your cabinet mesh inserts will be manufactured and delivered with the highest quality.


This game-changing product offers designers an opportunity to re-imagine the space, creating something completely new and vibrant.


Simply send us your design drawings for a quote and once accepted, we will cut the dimensions of cabinet mesh inserts and install your cabinet mesh inserts with the preferred installer in your area.


Why Choose Cabinet Mesh Inserts For Your Kitchen?


When designing a kitchen cabinet, there are many questions to consider: exposed and open, or hidden and closed? Bold and colorful, or stylish and simple? Statement hardware, or no handle? One of the coolest kitchen cabinet trends we've seen lately seems to be somewhere in the middle. The expression in the question? Display cases have metal grilles on the front instead of the traditional glass casing.

Jumao's marketing director and resident kitchen trend forecaster provided us with the download. "With glass, everything on the cabinet shelves needs to be neat because you can see straight inside. But with a metal grille, you don't have to worry about packing your essentials unaesthetically, because you'll only get a glimpse of what's inside, "she explained. At the same time, partial visibility makes small Spaces feel less claustrophobic and single than solid cabinet doors. The perforated front also allows for better ventilation.

Metal grille cabinets can introduce architectural intrigue. Specifically, "you can customize them to create a historical look, choose any pattern and design you want, or use them for more advanced chicken wire." They are also perfect for those who want to introduce a glamorous (or edgy) metal style.


Data Table Format for Cabinet Mesh Inserts


Item No. Flat Wire Diameter, mm (in) Opening Size, mm (in) Overall thickness, mm (in) Open Area, % Approximate Weight, kg/m2 (lb/ft2)
DWM12-31 1×4 (0.039×0.157) 5 (0.197) 2 (0.079) 31 7.1 (1.45)
DWM12-49-1.5 (Hot) 1.5×3 (0.059×0.118) 7 (0.276) 3 (0.118) 49 7 (1.43)
DWM12-59 (Hot) 1.5×3 (0.059×0.118) 10 (0.394) 3 (0.118) 59 5.6 (1.15)
DWM12-33 1.2×3 (0.047×0.118) 4 (0.157) 2.5 (0.098) 33 8.3 (1.70)
DWM12-49-1.2 1.2×3 (0.047×0.118) 7 (0.276) 2.5 (0.098) 49 5.8 (1.19)
DWM12-25 1×3 (0.039×0.118) 3 (0.118) 2 (0.079) 25 8.3 (1.70)
DWM12-39 1×3 (0.039×0.118) 5 (0.197) 2 (0.079) 39 6.3 (1.29)
DWM12-30 1×2.5 (0.039×0.098) 3 (0.118) 2 (0.079) 30 7.4 (1.52)
DWM12-37 0.8×2.2 (0.031×0.087) 3.4 (0.134) 1.6 (0.063) 37 5 (1.02)
DWM12-42 0.8×2.2 (0.031×0.087) 4 (0.157) 1.6 (0.063) 42 4.6 (0.94)


Cases of Cabinet Mesh Inserts


OEM Decorative Mesh Cabinet Inserts Grille SS304 SS316 0


OEM Decorative Mesh Cabinet Inserts Grille SS304 SS316 1


OEM Decorative Mesh Cabinet Inserts Grille SS304 SS316 2


OEM Decorative Mesh Cabinet Inserts Grille SS304 SS316 3
















OEM Decorative Mesh Cabinet Inserts Grille SS304 SS316 4







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