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1mm Architectural Decorative Wire Mesh Panels Conveyor Belt
  • 1mm Architectural Decorative Wire Mesh Panels Conveyor Belt
  • 1mm Architectural Decorative Wire Mesh Panels Conveyor Belt
  • 1mm Architectural Decorative Wire Mesh Panels Conveyor Belt
  • 1mm Architectural Decorative Wire Mesh Panels Conveyor Belt

1mm Architectural Decorative Wire Mesh Panels Conveyor Belt

Place of Origin CHINA
Brand Name JUMAO
Certification CE / ISO
Model Number JUMAO-DWM0366
Product Details
Product Name:
Decorative Wire Mesh
Decorative Conveyor Belt
Stainless Steel, Aluminum,Brass
Sprial Wire:
Flat Or Round
External Wall Or Divider
Long Performance Life

1mm Decorative Wire Mesh


Conveyor Belt Decorative Wire Mesh


1mm architectural mesh panels

Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
1 Square Meter
USD 25-95 Per Square Meter
Packaging Details
Wooden Box
Delivery Time
3-40 Working Days
Payment Terms
L/C, T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability
8000 Square Meters Per Momth
Product Description

1mm Architectural Decorative Wire Mesh Panels Conveyor Belt



What is Decorative Wire Mesh


To make decorative woven wire mesh, strands of brushed wire are woven together in a manner similar to the way cloth has been made for hundreds of years. A piece of cloth is essentially a very thin web. Some very fine mesh cloth is actually called metal mesh cloth. These types of fine mesh are commonly used as fine grade filters for machinery and vehicles and are usually made of materials such as stainless steel or more traditional phosphor bronze and copper mesh. These materials also give them a glamorous glow and thus find themselves used as decorative grids in the fashion and art worlds. A single chain is oriented in two directions. During the weaving process, as the new thread passes over the alternate thread, the alternate thread is raised or lowered so that it alternately passes over or below the next vertical thread. The result will be a panel in which each chain is held in place by a force applied by its neighbors, which are installed in opposite positions. Depending on the material, size, and shape used to create this grid, the resulting material can have a wide variety of properties. It can be as soft as cloth or as hard as a strong steel plate. Very fine mesh can be used in garment manufacturing to give garments a metallic appearance. Fine mesh is also used in architecture, decoration, shading and screens. In the art world, the use of fine brass mesh is also popular, as this type of fine mesh is applied to the armature of a sculpture as an intermediate layer between it and the skin. The fine mesh structure expands the skeleton, thus providing strength and adding to the main body, bringing the shape of the piece closer to its intended final shape, ready to receive the final layer of clay or other more modern sculpting materials. Brass is particularly suitable for this purpose because it is flexible but still holds its shape well when manipulated. The brass in the form of a fine mesh can then be manipulated into the desired shape, and when the clay-like substance is applied, it is pushed onto the mesh, some of it through the mesh, which locks it in place, providing a strong connection between the two very different materials.


One Of Material For Decorative Wire Mesh-Pre-Galvanized Wire Mesh

Re-galvanized wire mesh

Jumao steel wire mesh provides two kinds of pre-galvanized steel wire mesh; "Common paint", trademark "Galfan". The term "pre-galvanized" means that the steel wire has been coated with zinc before the wire mesh is made. This is different from "post-galvanizing," where galvanizing is done after being manufactured in a molten zinc tank. Also known as "hot dip" galvanizing, the entire finished product is completely coated with zinc from a molten tank.

Conventionally coated "Pre-Galv" steel wire is carbon steel that is coated with a very thin layer of zinc during the wire drawing process. Pre-galvanized wire is only slightly more expensive than ordinary steel wire, but has better corrosion resistance. If considering wire mesh finished with powder coating in external applications, pre-galvanized wire is a good base material.

Precautions for specifying Pre-Galv wire mesh:

For external powder-coated wire mesh applications, pre-galvanized wire should be specified so that there is a layer of zinc protected bare steel under the wire intersections. The powder spraying process does not completely cover this area of the wire mesh, which is why the use of pre-galvanized sheets is recommended.

Zinc provides good corrosion resistance, but the thicker the coating, the longer the zinc layer corrodes away, and the exposed steel is not protected. With pre-electromagnet wires, the coating is very thin and is not really suitable as a long lasting stand-alone finish for external applications. However, when used under a powder coating, the performance is greatly improved.


Why Choose Jumao Decorative Wire Mesh


Jumao has been at the forefront of innovative applications since 2016. We specialize in providing woven wire mesh and related products for railings, cladding, security screens, ceilings and other decorative features.


We offer designers the creative freedom to turn the most functional project into a beautiful piece of work. The grid patterns we offer can be used in a variety of finishes, from eye-catching natural metals to brightly colored paints or finishes. Our decorative wire mesh can be used both internally and externally, is largely self-maintenance, durable and flexible, can be designed to fit the underlying structure, and is robust enough to meet safety and security requirements.


Custom application

Working with architects, designers, planners and major contractors, we can develop groundbreaking new applications for our versatile mesh materials that can create stunning design effects.


Data Table Format for Decorative Wire Mesh


Material Iron steel, Stainless Steel
Wire Diameter 1.5mm, 2.0mm, 12.4mm, 3.0mm, 4.0mm, 4.5mm, 5.0mm, 6.0mm, 8.0mm, 10.0mm, 12.0mm
Length 1m, 2m, 8m,10m,etc.
Finish Galvanized, Chrome,Painting
Size Customized Freely

Mesh facades,Sun protection facades,Wall coverings,Ceiling systems,Railing infill or acoustic systems,Room Dividers,Modern Structures.



Cases of Decorative Wire Mesh


1mm Architectural Decorative Wire Mesh Panels Conveyor Belt 0


1mm Architectural Decorative Wire Mesh Panels Conveyor Belt 1


1mm Architectural Decorative Wire Mesh Panels Conveyor Belt 2


1mm Architectural Decorative Wire Mesh Panels Conveyor Belt 3
















1mm Architectural Decorative Wire Mesh Panels Conveyor Belt 4







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