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Moisture Proof Metal Mesh Laminated Glass For Advertising
  • Moisture Proof Metal Mesh Laminated Glass For Advertising
  • Moisture Proof Metal Mesh Laminated Glass For Advertising
  • Moisture Proof Metal Mesh Laminated Glass For Advertising
  • Moisture Proof Metal Mesh Laminated Glass For Advertising

Moisture Proof Metal Mesh Laminated Glass For Advertising

Place of Origin CHINA
Brand Name JUMAO
Certification CE / ISO
Model Number JUMAO-FLG182
Product Details
Product Name:
Mesh Laminated Glass
Metal Mesh Interlayer Between Glasses
Light Transmission:
Aluminum,stainless Steel
Always In Safty Hands
Residential Windows
Natural Metal Color Or Various Colors Customized

Moisture Proof Mesh Laminated Glass


Metal Mesh Laminated Glass


Moisture Proof laminated glass with metal mesh

Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
1 Square Meter
USD 25-95 Per Square Meter
Packaging Details
Wooden Box
Delivery Time
3-40 Working Days
Payment Terms
L/C, T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability
8000 Square Meters Per Momth
Product Description

Moisture Proof Metal Mesh Laminated Glass For Advertising



What is metal mesh laminated glass?


Metal-mesh laminated glass is a kind of safety glass made by encapsulating a layer of metal mesh between two or more pieces of glass. This process involves the use of a transparent intermediate layer, usually made of ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA), which bonds the wire mesh and glass together under heat and pressure. The end product is a durable, functional and visually compelling material that can be customized with a variety of metal mesh types, patterns and finishes to suit any design preference.

Mesh laminated glass is a cutting-edge material that combines the strength and safety of laminated glass with the elegance and functionality of metal-mesh. This innovative product offers a wealth of design possibilities, making it ideal for contemporary architecture and interior design projects. In this article, we will discuss the main features, benefits and applications of metal-mesh laminated glass and explore how it can enhance the aesthetic appeal and function of any space.

Metal-mesh laminated glass offers a harmonious blend of style, function and security, making it an excellent choice for modern Spaces. With its wide range of metal mesh options, patterns and finishes, this innovative material allows you to create a truly unique and personalized design while offering the benefits of safety, durability and light diffusion. Explore the endless possibilities of metal-mesh laminated glass to enhance your location.


Mesh Laminated Glass In your design


Mesh lamination gives you the opportunity to encapsulate a variety of woven metal mesh within a protective glass layer. The decorative and aesthetic qualities of finely woven gauze are combined with the structural strength and practicality of glass to enable innovative design solutions.


It is an ideal product for structural, decorative and acoustic applications as the process offers a wealth of possibilities for a wide range of applications including screens, partitions and cladding.


Laminated glass consists of two or more layers of glass that are bonded to an intermediate layer by heat and pressure. In addition to this PVB(polyvinyl butyl) or EVA(ethylene-vinyl acetate) interlayer, other materials such as colored interlayers, fabrics, metal mesh, and digital prints can also contain countless possibilities.


Laminates can also be combined with other decorative glass products and finishes such as kiln molding, sandblasting and color coating to further enhance the design.

The metal mesh is the result of a process that encapsulates the decorative material between the two.

The individual glass is combined with a layer of laminated glass that strengthens and holds the glass

It's together, even if it's broken. Jumao offers its metal mesh interlayer wire aluminum, bronze,

Gold and copper are available in a variety of braid designs.


About Mesh Laminated Glass


Mesh laminated glass gives the glass a rich appearance of metal weaving. Precise patterns that match other F+S metals offer a wide range of design and performance options.


It consists of two layers of transparent glass or a sandwich between a layer of transparent glass and a reflective glass substrate

The selection is defined by three basic parameters: Configuration + intermediate layer + finish

Single-sided reflection configuration is ideal for glass mounted on another surface

The double-sided view configuration is ideal when the glass will be seen from both sides

The pattern is visually the same from both sides of the view configuration

The five interlayer patterns are available in six colors to coordinate with other F+S metals

Two completion options increase visual possibilities

Manufactured to specifications; Cut dimensions, ready for installation

Suitable for indoor applications


Data Table Format for Mesh Laminated Glass


Material Stainless Steel, brass,copper,etc.
Max Size 2440mm*3600mm (According to the size of the fabric)
Length 1m, 2m, 8m,10m,30m, 60m,etc.
Finish Color Customized
Where to use airport, hotel, exhibition hall, opera house, office building, shopping mall, bar, private residence.
Application Widely used in building facades, indoor partitions, screens, ceilings, walls, balconies, corridors, etc.
  • Enhances aesthetic appeal.
  • Dynamic colours – both translucent or transparent can be created.
  • Can be combined with a neutral, solar control, or thermal-insulated glass.
  • 4 Suitable for safety, security, and sound insulation, as well as UV protection
  • Affords different levels of translucency for visual screening


Cases of Mesh Laminated Glass


Moisture Proof Metal Mesh Laminated Glass For Advertising 0


Moisture Proof Metal Mesh Laminated Glass For Advertising 1


Moisture Proof Metal Mesh Laminated Glass For Advertising 2


Moisture Proof Metal Mesh Laminated Glass For Advertising 3
















Moisture Proof Metal Mesh Laminated Glass For Advertising 4







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